Hello, and welcome to cherylcartersings.com

Wow, here we are -- together. With great delight, I welcome you.

I always had my mind, my energies and my heart deeply rooted in music. I remember hearing an interview with Ray Charles and he said, "There is soul in all kinds of music if you have the heart to hear it." 

That philosophy always resonated deep within me, because I have loved and been involved in so many different kinds of music. However, what ALWAYS brought my heart home was the kind of “stylings” inspired by classic Divas, Nancy Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald and Barbra Streisand.

When forming my own show, and as I breathe life into my new CD, the legacy of these consummate singers, serve as a model of excellence for choosing my material and presenting my own individual style.

Please stop by again, as I will be updating this site as my life and career continues to evolve. Thanks! I’ll be looking forward to seeing you…again!

Take care. :-) CC-you later! Cheryl Carter Logo

Cheryl Carter